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AI Strategy League

AI Strategy League powered by Grace Global Ventures AI & Co.

Transform careers and small businesses to be HIGH-VALUE problem solvers at the AI Strategy League.

Welcome to AI Strategy League powered by Grace Global AI Ventures & Co.

Hi, I'm Grace, a high-vibe AI Marketing leader, coach, and advisor on a mission to facilitate growth and transformation by leveraging AI.

In this community, we support and transform professionals and small businesses with:

For Professionals:

  • Career Transformation and Transition: Harness community support and AI strategies to pivot your career faster and with more energy.
  • Demystifying AI for Business, Tech and Marketing: Equip leaders with the knowledge to scale small businesses and enhance leadership through AI.
  • Acing interviews Tech & AI Marketing: Master effective frameworks and tools to ace interviews and excel in careers, focusing on body, mind, and soul.
  • Confident Speaking and Effective Communication: Build your personal and professional brand with AI marketing strategies, emphasizing storytelling.
  • Wellness and Burnout Relief: Embrace a holistic approach to leadership that integrates wellness, healing, and stress management for sustained success.

For Small Businesses:

  • Strategic Growth for New Small Businesses: Learn and implement the right strategies to scale your business quickly and efficiently.
  • Strategy vs Profitability: Business strategy alignment for growth and next-level transformation in sustainability and profitability.
  • AI-Driven Marketing Solutions: Demystify AI to enhance your marketing efforts and accelerate business growth.
  • Purpose-Driven Professional Lives: Align your business goals with personal passions and values to create fulfilling and impactful enterprises.

Our Promise:

  • Work Less, Focus on the Right Strategy and Actions: Achieve more with efficient, targeted efforts.
  • Earn More, Smile in the End: Realize your desired income leaps and professional satisfaction.

About Grace

My name is Grace, the founder of the AI Strategy League Community. 

With nearly 15 years of experience in marketing and tech, I have had the privilege of working across four countries, including roles in Product Marketing at Microsoft, Digital Marketing at Pfizer, and Artificial Intelligence and Data at Canon. I have also helped medium and small businesses generate 9-figure annual revenues and supported their growth and scaling efforts.

Join us in transforming your career and business with high-value strategies and AI-driven solutions.