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Welcome to Global Tech & AI Marketing Academy

Facilitate global talents' pivot to tech and AI marketing, leadership, and achieving desired outcome

About Grace Zheng Mastermind

Welcome to Global AI Marketing & Leadership Academy 

Hi, I'm Grace, a high-vibe AI Marketing leader, coach and advisor. 

In this community, you're supported and transformed with:

  • Demystify AI marketing for leaders to fast-track scaling in leadership and business.

  • Acing interviews in AI Marketing and Tech for dream jobs and career promotions with effective frameworks and tools, focusing on three aspects: body, mind, and soul, which transformatively accelerate the achievement of your desired outcomes in acing interviews and thriving in careers.

  • Confident speaking, effective communication, storytelling, and building professional and personal branding using AI marketing strategies and approaches.

  • Wellness, healing, and releasing burnout for leaders at all levels: whether you're an emerging leader stepping into leadership roles or a senior leader aiming to thrive and shine. Embrace a transformative approach that integrates body, mind, and soul to collapse time and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Soul-loved Businesses & Solopreneurs: Enterprises and individuals who align your work deeply with their personal passions and values, creating fulfilling and purpose-driven professional lives.

    Do less with more. Smile in the end, achieving your desired income leaps.

I spent my last decade working and living across 4 countries, exploring and enjoying life as much as possible. 
During my adventures, I had the privilege of working in product marketing at Microsoft, digital marketing at Pfizer, and as an Artificial Intelligence and data lead at Canon, in addition to numerous medium and small businesses focusing on product and marketing, 
where I've contributed to generating up to 9-figure annual revenues for these businesses using proven frameworks and strategies.